About us

Our mission & values.

Our mission is to deliver personalized care that radiates compassion and preserves dignity for all that we are honored to serve on their end-of-life journey.


  • Continually enhance our expertise through ongoing education to deepen one’s own professional competency
  • Exceed the expectations of patients, families, and communities
  • Enlighten individuals and families by providing practical training and education
  • Exceed the standards of quality end-of-life care and regulatory compliance


  • Anticipate, identify, and respond to the needs of patients, families, communities
  • Provide care that is consistent with each patient’s/family’s values
  • Respect patient/family rights and empower them to make informed decisions in concert with their values
  • Ensure that patient/family identified, and evolving needs are at the heart of the patient/family plan of care


  • Understand and abide by ethical principles and standards
  • Demonstrate excellent stewardship of resources
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Maintain accountability to patients, families, team, organization, and community


  • Respect each member of the team, the expertise, and perspective he/she/they contributes
  • Demonstrate active engagement as a memberof a team
  • Communicate effectively and work collaboratively to identify and realize goals identified by the patient/family and/or organization
  • Support each other


Known for an unwavering commitment to transparency and compliance, Luminary Hospice creates visionary partnerships, remains locally owned, and offers value-based personalized care. Luminary seeks to inspire and influence others while delivering the highest quality of care with best-in-class practices among our constituents:

Patients and families


Health care providers

Medicare, payers, and insurers

Shareholders and partners